Timeless EP
Manuel Moreno - Hope
Manuel Moreno - Voices from the Dust
Manuel Moreno, Corona Lockdown Podcast Hive Zürich
Manuel Moreno, Strand Floor - Feel Festival 2019
Manuel Moreno, Lost on the Island 01/19
Sous Sol, Toanga (Manuel Moreno Remix)
Animal Trainer, <br> In Space (Manuel Moreno Remix)
Ghost feat. Natasha Waters
Dario dʼAttis, David Aurel – Cuentame (Manuel Moreno Remix)
Kaltehand Natasha Waters – Left (Manuel Moreno Remix)
Get Lost (Original)
Manuel Moreno, Mario Aureo – Floating City
Manuel Moreno – The Right One
Jackmode – Podcast #26
Come With Me (Original)
Lutas (Dahu Remix)
Hello Bernhard (Original)
Switschback (Afriloungeʼs Remix)
Ghost (Definition Remix)
Lutas (Original)
Ritter Butzke – Studio Podcast #26
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Drunken Butterfly (Original)
Drunken Butterfly (Original) video poster
In Space (Manuel Moreno Remix)
In Space (Manuel Moreno Remix) video poster
The Right One (Original)
The Right One (Original) video poster
Switchback (Original)
Switchback (Original) video poster
Ghost (Original)
Ghost (Original) video poster
Benotmane – Special Agent Howling (Manuel Moreno Remix)
Benotmane – Special Agent Howling  (Manuel Moreno Remix) video poster
Ghost (Kaltehand, Natasha Waters)
Ghost (Kaltehand, Natasha Waters) video poster
Floating City (Original)
Floating City (Original) video poster
Get Lost (Original)
Get Lost (Original) video poster
Kaltehand, Natasha Waters – Left (Manuel Moreno Remix)
Kaltehand, Natasha Waters – Left (Manuel Moreno Remix) video poster
Ghost (Definition Remix)
Ghost (Definition Remix) video poster
Cebu (Original)
Cebu (Original) video poster
Switchback (Afriloungeʼs Deep Patern Remix)
Switchback (Afriloungeʼs Deep Patern Remix) video poster
David Aurel, Dario DʼAttis – Cuentame (Manuel Moreno Remix)
David Aurel, Dario DʼAttis – Cuentame (Manuel Moreno Remix) video poster
Autumn Bell (Original)
Autumn Bell (Original) video poster
Lilly And Wolf (Original)
Lilly And Wolf (Original) video poster
I Donʼt Sleep At Night (Original)
I Donʼt Sleep At Night (Original) video poster
Come With Me (Original)
Come With Me (Original) video poster
Under Your Skin (Original)
Under Your Skin (Original) video poster
Arosis (Original)
Arosis (Original) video poster
Arosis (Sebo Remix)
Arosis (Sebo Remix) video poster
Lutas (Original)
Lutas (Original) video poster
Lutas (Dahu Remix)
Lutas (Dahu Remix) video poster
Sensibility (George Remix)
Sensibility (George Remix) video poster
What It Is (Original)
What It Is (Original) video poster
Right Now (Unreleased)
Right Now (Unreleased) video poster
Art TV Portrait
Art TV Portrait video poster
Luzern Live Festival, KKL Bühne, Luzern, Schweiz
10 Jahre Mikka X Au Revoir , Kreuzbleiche, St.Gallen, Schweiz
Haus am Fluss , Sihlquai 274, Zürich, Schweiz
Kiki 25Hours Hotel Day Rave, Langstrasse, Zürich, Schweiz
Grundton, Geroldstrasse, Zürich, Schweiz
Hive after Streetparade, Geroldstrasse , Zürich, Schweiz
Rakete Streetparade Stage , Bürkliplatz, Zürich, Schweiz
Frau Geroldsgarten, Geroldstrasse, Zürich, Schweiz
Au Revoir x Lokremise 2024, Remise, St.Gallen, Schweiz
Sarasvati - Micas Garten, Badenerstrasse, Zürich, Schweiz
Klaus, Langstrasse, Zürich, Schweiz
Klainstadt Musik Opening , Bahnhofstrasse 15, St.Gallen, Schweiz
Sarasvati - Micas Garten , Badenerstrasse, Zürich, Schweiz
Grundton, Geroldstrasse, Zürich, Schweiz
Klainstadt Musk, Bahnhofstrasse 15, St.Gallen, Schweiz
Grundton, Geroldstrasse, Zürich, Schweiz
Grundton, Geroldstrasse , Zürich, Schweiz
Intersity Festival Schaffausen, Safrangasse 8, Schaffhausen, Schweiz
Schwarzmatt Schläpferhalle Festival, Industrie, St.Gallen, Schweiz
Klainstadt Musik , Bahnhostrasse 15, St.Gallen, Schweiz

As a producer and DJ, Manuel Moreno takes his audience on a journey that is inspired by his long-term relationship to music: an Armour fou – intensive, passionate and without compromise. For years he has successfully transferred these emotions onto the dance floor.
His own story begins in 1996 with illegal recordings from Zurich clubs. Rhythm, groove, lights and people dancing bind fun with profound emotions. Today, he himself is a formative part of this connection. Whether at his home base, ‘Hive’ club in Zurich, or with his regular appearances in the techno-metropolis of Berlin, Manuel Moreno always tries to produce these magical impulses and transforms the hours on the dance floor into special and unforgettable moments.
‘The communication with the audience is especially important to me’, says Manuel. It doesn’t matter whether 30 or 5000 people are dancing. ‘When I get the feeling of being at one with the audience, I know it’s been a successful appearance.’
For this feeling he travels the globe. His unmistakable, atmospheric style takes him to metropolises such as Bangkok, Moscow, Kiev, Lisbon, Ibiza. Prague and Cape Town, to mention just a few.
Manuel finds balance in the quietness of his Appenzell home. Surrounded by picturesque mountain scenery, he finds inspiration for his music: gloomy and yet dreamy, embroidered by hypnotic melancholy. His tracks and remixes appear on ‘Global Underground’, ‘Ritter Butzke Studio’, ‘8Bit’, ‘Hive Audio’, ‘Musik Gewinnt Freunde’, ‘Stil vor Talent’, etc.
When producing music, Manuel Moreno starts playfully and innovatively. He begins with a beat that is layered and further developed with additional sound levels from which a complex tone is created. When doing this, he remains true to the deep Berlin sound. At the same time, his music comes across as clear as the mountain air in Alpstein.


Booking via max@apart.events
Remix requests to hi@manuelmoreno.ch
Instagram, Facebook

  • Manuel Moreno, Timeless EP, Vinyl, Hive Audio (2018)
  • Manuel Moreno, Ghost EP, Hive Audio (2017)
  • Animal Trainer und Manuel Moreno, MDMA
    Hive Audio (2016)
  • Manuel Moreno und Patryk Molinari, What It Is
    Ritter Butzke Studio (2016)
  • Manuel Moreno feat. Jo Maloni, Cebu
    Hive Audio Summer Slices 2 Compilation (2016)
  • Manuel Moreno und Mario Aureo, Floating EP
    Musik Gewinnt Freunde (2016)
  • Manuel Moreno, Lutas EP
    Ritter Butzke Studio (2016)
  • Mario Aureo und Manuel Moreno, Collapse
    Ritter Butzke Studio (2016)
  • Mario Aureo und Manuel Moreno, Can You Feel It
    Ritter Butzke Studio (2015)
  • Manuel Moreno, Drunken Butterfly
    Hive Audio (2015)
  • Manuel Moreno, I Don’t Sleep At Night
    Hive Audio (2015)
  • Mario Aureo und Manuel Moreno, Sensibility
    Ritter Butze Studio (2014)
  • Mario Aureo und Manuel Moreno, Atumn Bell EP
    Ritter Butzke Studio (2013)
  • Manuel Moreno, The Right One EP
    Hive Audio (2013)
  • Mario Aureo und Manuel Moreno, Shut your Lips
    WellDone! Music Berlin (2013)
  • Manuel Moreno, Under your Skin
    Hive Audio (2013)
  • Manuel Moreno, Come with Me EP
    Manuel Moreno, Hello Bernhard
    Manuel Moreno, Im Sorry
    Yippiee (2012)
  • Manuel Moreno, Switchback EP
    Manuel Moreno, Walls
    Katchuli Records (2012)
  • Manuel Moreno, Tindra
    8Bit Rec. (2011)
  • Manuel Moreno, Zwischen Bergen und Meer
    Gimmick Rec. (2010)
  • Manuel Moreno, More and More
    Lust Rec (2010)
  • Manuel Moreno und Normen Hood, Palari EP
    Genowefa Records (2009)
    Manuel Moreno und Normen Hood, Sylophonie
    Map Dance (2008)
  • Manuel Moreno, Next Stage
    Map Dark – (2008)
  • Sous Sol, Toanga, Manuel Moreno Remix, Hive Audio 2018
  • Animal Trainer, In Space , Manuel Moreno Remix,
    Hive Audio (2018)
  • Dario D’Attis und David Aurel, Cuentame
    Hive Audio (2016)
  • König Balthasar, Queen Bee
    Hive Audio (2015)
  • Benotname, Special Agent Howling
    Stil vor Talent (2014)
  • Einzig und Faerber, Another Day ft. DM
    Hive Audio (2014)
  • Madmotormiquel, Sad Reindeers (with MA)
    Ritter Butzke Studio (2014)
  • Sascha Beek ft. CF, If It’s Silent
    Bee Free Records (2014)
  • Kalte Hand und Natasha Waters, Left
    Hive Audio (2013)
  • Ash Ep, Between You And Me
    Effect Rec. (2012)
  • Doppelt Gemoppelt, Tigara
    Schallbox (2010)
  • Incredible Music
    Miniload (2010)
  • Suedmilch, Palari
    Genowefa (2009)